Monday, January 16, 2012


There are people around us that feel alone and abandon; maybe you are one of them. You have probably heard someone say, “I feel so alone.” When someone says they feel so alone, it rings with a note of unhappiness in it. Did you know unhappiness is preventable? No there is no shot, or vitamin to protect you from it. The prevention for unhappiness is just what Dr. Martin Luther King prescribed. When we seek happiness for others we experience a shift deep inside, off of ourselves and on to others. It is difficult to focus on yourself and your own pain or loneliness if you are focused on others. Just by shifting your focus, there is relief. The bonus is you are no longer all alone with yourself and your unhappiness. As you focus on giving the gift of happiness to others, you receive the gift of feeling good about yourself. You feel good, you feel a part of something, and you feel happy.

 (Sometimes unhappiness that lingers can turn into depression. If that sounds like you, meet with a counselor in your area to receive support and additional tools to help you reach the place where you can experience happiness and pass it on to others. or

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